Sunday, February 23, 2014

Greeting on Commencement

Hello, everyone!

My nickname is Ken. I am a Japanese live in the Central Japan, and working for an accounting job.

One of my hobby is traveling, especially for visiting old Japanese castles. In Japan, there are many beautiful castles at different eras all over the nation. Of course I have visited only limited part of them, but I have been attracted by the beauty and history of each castle and taking pictures over 10 years.

Of course I thought to put them on view in Japanese blog, but there are already many pioneers who post tons of pictures. Fortunately (?) I am a bit accustomed to writing English through my job, thus I decided to post some of my pictures with explanations in English (With Google translation, you might be able to read in other languages).

Other than Japanese castles, I might post landscape of Japanese or foreign cities I visited for private or business in the future. But for the moment I plan to cover major part of famous castles in Japan at first priority.

Themes treated in this blog is very niche area and I wonder if there is any demand for my blog, but I hope I can express the beauty of Japanese castles even just a little!.

Thanks and regards,

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