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Takane Castle -Completely restored medieval fort-

Takane Castle

-Completely restored medieval fort-



Name: Takane castle (Takane-jo)
Place: Misakubocho Tenryuku, Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka
Type: Mountain castle
Built: 16th century
Remaining remnants: Moats (Buildings, fences and gates are restored)

Brief History

Takane castle (高根城) is located in Misakubo town, the northest area of Hamamatsu city. The town is located on midst of Akiba Kaido, the historical way from Totomi province (western Shizuoka prefecture) to southern Shinano province (Nagano prefecture). Takane castle was built a hill looking down on the town, as a watching place of the valley and road.

Originally built by local small lord Okuraya clan, but around the period when Shingen Takeda (1521-1573), a warlord of Kai province (Yamanashi prefecture) advanced to Totomi province and occupied Futamata castle, this castle was reformed as a basis of watching and guarding Akiba Kaido road. After the fall of Takeda clan at 1582, the necessity of this castle was disappeared and might be abandoned. This small castle is one of the nameless small forts built everywhere in Japan.

Takane castle consist of three areas placed along with the ridge over 100 meter. Central area is the north part of the castle, and southward of central area continues to connecting ridge is securely guarded by secondary area and third area. Castle area is separated by two deep dry moats from outside, and road from outside to central area passes below each area to enable guard soldiers attack the enemy from upper side.

In 1990's, the site of this castle was excavated by local government, and restored based on the result of investigation. Surrounded by wooden fences, there might be watching tower and small barrack in the central area. The building was too small thus castle soldiers might lodge outside or in town under the mountain.


30 minutes walk from JR Central Iida-sen line Mukai-Ichiba station. 60 minutes drive from Shin-Tomei Expressway Hamamatsu-Hamakita interchange.

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